Mind your language! Commons speaker Lindsay Hoyle slams Britain’s sweary MPs

LONDON — The speaker of the House of Commons warned British MPs to cut down on the curse words.

Addressing lawmakers on Wednesday before prime minister’s questions — an often jeery and sweary event — Lindsay Hoyle said “there has been an escalation in unhelpful exchanges.” 

And he warned that “some of the language used in questions has also fallen short of the standards and good temper and moderation that should characterize the proceedings of house.

“I know there is a general election approaching, but I would urge honorable members on both sides of the house to exercise greater self-restraint in their choice of words and in their general behavior, both when they are asking a question and when they are not.”

The statement comes just a day after a report in POLITICO revealing politicians’ use in the House of Commons chamber of words including “shit” and “fuck” has soared in recent years.

Home Secretary James Cleverly was recently accused by another MP of having described the English town of Stockton as a “shit hole” during another session of PMQs. Cleverly denied the specific claim, although admitted using “inappropriate language” in the chamber.

Using “unparliamentary language” can break the rules of politeness in the House of Commons, and MPs can be asked to withdraw their comment immediately by the Commons speaker.