UK Conservatives polling below 100 seats, survey shows

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party is on track to win fewer than 100 seats in the next election, with Labour likely to score a landslide victory, a new poll suggests. 

A seat-by-seat analysis based on a survey of 15,000 voters sees Sunak’s governing party winning in just 98 constituencies compared to Labour’s 468, the Sunday Times reports

The poll, conducted by agency Survation on behalf of the Best for Britain campaign group, puts Keir Starmer’s Labour Party at 45 percent of the overall vote, a 19-point lead over the Tories. 

Reform U.K., the right-wing populist party set up by Nigel Farage, would score 8.5 percent and win seven seats, with the Liberal Democrats getting 22 seats, according to the survey. 

In Wales and Scotland, the Conservatives would see a complete wipeout, winning no seats, according to the report. The analysis gives the Scottish National Party 41 seats and Plaid Cymru two seats. 

The poll did not account for undecided voters, which represented 15 percent of the people surveyed.