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Microsoft purchases a 4% stake in The London Stock Exchange Group as part of a 10-year cloud deal.

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Microsoft announced on Monday, December 12 that it had agreed to purchase a 4% stake in the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) for $2 billion. This acquisition by Microsoft is part of a more significant trend of large tech companies blurring the boundaries between tech and finance. Microsoft has had a longstanding relationship with the […]

Is Google’s LaMDA Chat Bot Sentient ???

AI Bot

Google placed a Google engineer who claimed Google’s LaMDA Chat Bot was sentient on leave and subsequently fired him after he published transcripts of his conversations with the company’s AI system. Google stated that Blake Lemoine violated Google policies and that his claims were ‘wholly unfounded.  The case has put new scrutiny on the secrecy […]

The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence – AI

I’m guessing you’ve heard about artificial intelligence by now. You will undoubtedly have heard that AI can generate blog posts, product descriptions, advertisements and much more. But do you also know that the same technology can even create art and photographic instances of just about anything you can imagine? AI-generated artwork is becoming so sophisticated […]