Inside the Westminster honey trap scandal

In the first episode of season 14, host Aggie Chambre tells the inside story of how POLITICO broke the Westminster honey trap story, and goes in search of who is really responsible.

She hears from most of the key characters involved in the scandal that rocked SW1. 

Two victims tell Aggie about their messages and one of them explains what happened when he organized a meeting with the catfisher. 

POLITICO’s own Dan Bloom reveals for the first time that he received a message from the mysterious catfisher and talks through his part in breaking the story. 

The BBC’s Henry Zeffman describes what it was like to be targeted and why he initially smelled a rat. 

The Times’ Aubrey Allegretti gives behind the scenes details of his initial phone call with William Wragg, when the MP admitted some involvement in the scandal.

And Ciaran Martin, former CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre, explains how the scandal shed “a lot of light on the vulnerabilities of our political system.”